How to Manage Your Time

You have been in business for a while. Your clients have nothing but amazing things to say about you. You are good at what you do but the growth is not in proportion to the value you provide. You have been trying to implement strategy and tactics recommended by various experts and gurus to generate more leads but it is all so overwhelming.

Allow me to help you at more personal level. Before making any recommendation, let’s review your visual branding, digital assets (websites and social media), your offers and marketing initiatives and see if they align with your goals. We will determine what is working and what is not, the areas of improvements and what offers, digital assets and marketing initiative you need to continue with and what needs to be dropped. Let’s maximize what you have before adding on more.

What will you get:

  • Current snapshot of your business from marketing perspective
  • Keen insights on what needs to improve
  • Expert advice on how to increase the outreach through existing assets and marketing
  • Meeting for 1.5 hour via zoom

Price: $547.00