Optimize your everyday energy and create a fulfilling life

You already know who you are. Now, it’s time to ask:

  • Who do you have to become in order to create a life you desire?
  • What intentions do you want to set from this day forward?
  • What energies do you want to put out

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A LONG, long time ago … 14 billion years to be exact, nothing but energy existed. It is scientifically proven that most of the elements of our bodies were formed in stars over the course of billions of years and multiple star lifetimes. Basically, we are all energy–energy which has been around for billions of years.

I don’t have to tell you that energy is still here.

We’re made up of energy—our thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions are energy. We function with energy (thank you, sun) and we live and breathe energy. Everyone’s level of energy is uniquely theirs.

When you’re feeling joy, others around you feel joy…
When you feel sad, others around you feel sad…

And that energy multiplies… and returns.

Every experience – good, bad, and in-between – has shaped you into just the person you are today. In fact, everything happens for a reason. You were put here on this beautiful planet to make an impact, to do something, to leave your mark.

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Praise From Deliberate Creators

The Energy Leadership Index assessment the subsequent review was very enlightening – the driving lesson is to become self-aware of how one handles situations in one’s own life. The awareness of that freedom of choice along with being aware of the different levels of energy that we can tap into is very freeing emotionally…

Ramon Chavarro

Paradigm Shifter

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I have been on this self-awareness journey for few years but it was put on the side due to various reasons. Energy leadership Index assessment helped me rediscover that journey which never left me…

Maria Higuera


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According to the author Paulo Coelho, we are travelers on a cosmic eternal journey who have stopped for just a moment to encounter each other; to meet, to love, and to share.

Our time on Earth is precious.

If all we’ve got is this one precious moment in time, then why do we (still) choose to react the way we’ve always reacted? Replay the same negative thoughts on the tape inside our heads? Why?

What if we were able to become fully aware of our energy, so that we could adjust it when necessary to effect the outcome of any situation and get better results? There is a way to better understand your unique energy levels/where your unique energy levels fall,and by understanding these, you’ll be able to attract and create the life you really want.

By using the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, I can help you understand your energy levels and identify the unique lens you use to view the world.

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Become a Deliberate Creator

Ignite your spark and fan the flame of the unique energy that is you…

The E.L.I. features 7 energy levels that determine your responses.

For instance,

When you ask, “Why bother?” or feel worried or anxious – this may make you feel lethargic; unable to see your options and make clear decisions. You may feel apathetic and undervalued; this might mean you’re in what’s called a “victim mindset” and your energy level is at its lowest.

Or, when you are leading with power and humility, your overall feeling is joy, and you have an urge to grow, you are operating on a higher energy level – a “Oneness” level, seeking and seeing synthesis and synchronicities in life and the people you meet.

Life happens for you, rather than to you, and the ELI reveals how.

Here’s how it works:

Rated the 3rd recommended assessment out of 11 by Forbes Magazine, the ELI will help you to:

  • Understand how your unique energy combination allows you to respond in any given situation
  • Identify limited beliefs and shift the energies surrounding them
  • Grow empowered with knowledge that you need to go after the life you want
  • Align your unique energy with your specific purpose and master your mindset to go after it
  • Increase your awareness of opportunities that show up to help you increase success
  • Uncover your potential and uncover any and all blocks which prevent you from reaching it

Imagine life if you were able to:

  • Learn how to change your everyday energetic default
  • Step back and see yourself and where you fit in
  • Become more aware of opportunities for success and grab them as soon as you notice them


Price: $500

You will receive:


Energy assessment using the Energy Level Assessment (ELI) screening


Current snapshot of how you view the world based on your own personal filters


2-hour debrief session following assessment to understand how your energy levels play a role in your life


Mindset tools, suggestions and resources for how to gain control of your energy levels and shift perspective

Are you ready to become the deliberate creator for your life?

Yes! I’m ready

P.S.- Over billions of years, energy has evolved to create your unique being. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it can be shifted. This assessment provides all the tools you need to understand how. Sign up today and get ready to tap into the boundless potential already within you so that you can create the life you imagine NOW.