What is networking?

Networking is not just socializing and exchange of business cards or bragging about who you are. The
main purpose of networking is to build relationship and trust.

How to make the best of Networking:

  • Get clear on why do you network
  • Be intentional about who you exchange business card with
  • It’s good to be yourself and don’t forget to smile
  • Ask questions with curiosity
  • It’s OK to let others know you are new to networking
  • Ask someone to introduce you to others
  • Focus on building relationship, not selling
  • Decide how many networking events per month are right for you
  • Try various networking events and settle on showing up at few consistently
  • Follow-up within 48 hours

PS: don’t worry about confidence- it will come with time

If you are an introvert-
Know your hobbies
Find a meet up where you can meet other people with the same hobbies
Attend a networking event with a friend

Where to network in Greater Hartford

Name Address Good for
Women Empowerment Center, CRT 330 Market Street, Hartford CT To learn, get resources and network
Entrepreneurial center and Women Business Center, University of Hartford 221 Pitkin Street, East Hartford, CT To learn, get resources and network
Score, Greater Hartford Chapter 280 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT To learn, get resources and network
Upward Hartford 20 Church Street, Mezzanine and 17th FL, Hartford, CT To learn, socialize and network
Network after Work Various To learn, socialize and network
eWomen Network, Greater Hartford, CT Various To socialize and network
Chamber of Commerce Various Network
Meet ups Various Socialize, network and learn