The coaching sessions have been life a changing journey for me.Life continues to throw curve balls but I am able to better manage these because I perceive, react and engage differently – All leading to profound shifts in how I am living my life and the energy I create for myself and for those around me.I have been able to put a face to that which I have been fearing most of my life and shifted from fear controlling me to me controlling and conquering my fear.I feel more in control and while crises and unfortunate situations arise, how I manage them and how I emerge from them has really changed me for the better.I feel equipped to do better and do more!

Private Client

The time I’ve spent discussing my goals and aspirations with mindset coach Prati Kalani-Kaufman has been invaluable to my career and personal growth. Her insightful and innovative perspectives on life, the various trials and emotions that come with it, and where we all fit into this vast universe have inspired me to see new directions for my own life goals and ways to get there. Her positivity is energizing, and I have walked away from our conversations feeling like I can take onanything I set my mind to. I highly recommend Prati as a mindset coach, whether you’re looking to become an entrepreneur or simply wanting to learn more about yourself as a person and the amazing things you are capable of accomplishing. I have no doubt she will be instrumental in stepping you through that process.

Sharon Mangelixx

Digital Marketing Pro and Adventurer

Prati has helped me to stay more connected to my vision, and shown me where I tend to doubt myself and fear success. These are things I need to be aware of if I want to grow my business and grow as a coach. She is a dynamic and intuitive coach. She makes me feel like I am just scratching the surface of what I’m capable of and that gives me lots of room and vision to grow.

Kate Callahan

Singer, song writer, voice empowerment coach

Pratigya Kaufman worked with me for a number of months to overcome a personal trauma that I wasn’t willing to address on my own. Her ability to hold me accountable and discern what questions to ask in order for me to get to the center of myself was above and beyond what I could image. I would recommend her to anyone even if they believe they don’t have inner questions, as she will be able to find gaps that will help individual or organizations alike. A great blessing to work with personally and professionally.

Kately Gately

International Business Manager

Prati brought clarity around why I stay stuck and gave me strategies on how to come to a higher vibrational energy. She gave me the focus and discipline to createtwo products and feel confident in the content I am creating. I was finally able to get the pen to paper and outline some of my ideas and choose a date to launch my first product offering. She takes the time with each of her clients. I never felt rushed in any of our sessions and she truly spent quality time with me. She provides clarity and really questions why from a point of curiosity to provide the clarity to understand our habits and help breakthrough those which are no longer serving us.

Lisa Scoma


As a result of Prati’s training, I have been able to look at things from a different perspective. The energy that I put into something that I do, whether it is personal orprofessional, is the same energy that I will get back. Changing your mindset has to be a deliberate and intentional act in order to live a life where I can feel good about decisions I make and my interactions with others.

Tenesha Grant

Director of Women’s Services, CRT

Being aware of your emotions, of you actions and your environment is not an easy task, but being able to identify at least a part of it and having the right tools can give you a better understanding of the reason behind your actions and reactions. ELI has been an opportunity to realize how much room I have for personal and professional growth and also that I can choose the pace of growth. I have been on this self-awareness journey for few years but it was put on the side due to various reasons. ELI helped me rediscover that journey which never left me. If you are wondering this is the right tool for you or no, just try it, you have literally nothing to lose by taking this assessment but so much to gain if it clicks to you.

Maria Higuera

Software Engineer and Aerial Artists

The Energy Leadership Index assessment and the subsequent review was very enlightening – the driving lesson is to become self-aware of how one handles situations in one’s own life. By being aware, we learn that we actually have a choicewhether to react or respond to all situations – positive or negative. The awareness ofthat freedom of choice along with being aware of the different levels of energy that we can tap into is very freeing emotionally. I have seen myself grow into a much more positive person with perspectives that bring a lot less stress and anxiety.

Ramon Chavarro

Paradigm Shifter